What is LocAl?

LocAl is locally extruded, lower-carbon aluminium for your projects.

LocAl Aluminium is locally extruded, lower-carbon aluminium for your projects in construction, engineering, marine, transport, defence, renewable energy and general fabrication industries.

Locally extruded

Extruded in Australia by Capral Aluminium, Australia’s largest Aluminium extruder established in 1936. Capral is committed to Net Zero by 2050 and working actively on reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Low Carbon

Primary billet with certified CO2e* content at or below:

  • 8kg CO2e/tAL – LocAL Green
  • 4kg CO2e/tAL – LocAL Super Green

* Kilograms emitted per kilogram of aluminium produced – Aluminium Smelting and Casting


Aluminium Stewardship Initative (ASI) certified smelter. Capral Aluminium has been certified against the ASI Performance Standard V3 and Chain of Custody (CoC) V2 for the extrusion, warehousing and distribution of aluminium products and services.

When you choose LocAl you are making a cleaner, greener choice for your project, potentially halving the CO2e emissions of the Aluminium used in your project.

LocAl Green Logo

Certified CO2e Content 8kg CO2e/kgAL or below.
Billet procured from ASI Chain of Custody certified smelter

LocAl SuperGreen Logo

Certified CO2e Content 4kg CO2e/kgAL or below.
Billet procured from ASI Chain of Custody certified smelter

Find out if LocAl is suitable for your business or project.

Why Choose LocAl?

LocAl Green’s CO2e emissions are significantly less than the global average for primary Aluminium, 13.9kg CO2e/1kg Al. At 4kg CO2e/1kg Al, LocAl Super Green boasts one of the lowest carbon emissions for primary aluminium currently available.

Reducing the CO2e impact of your aluminium is important because it helps to mitigate the effects of global climate change, improves public health, boosts the global economy, and maintains biodiversity. When we cut carbon emissions, we help ensure cleaner air, water, and food for our generation and for generations yet to come.

Choosing to use LocAl Aluminium as part of a responsible procurement strategy for your business will positively impact your organisation’s global impact on both the environment and climate.

How to specify LocAl

To specify LocAl on your projects you should:

  • Specify the LocAl Green or Super Green brand associated with the aluminium to be used in your project.
  • State a certified primary aluminium CO2e content of ≤ 8kgCO2e/1kg Al Scope 1 and Scope 2 ex-smelter.

Find out if LocAl is suitable for your business or project: 

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