By choosing LocAl Lower-carbon Aluminium, manufacturers of marine vessels can significantly reduce the embodied carbon within their projects.

Aluminium is a popular material choice in the design of marine vessels, both as a prefered material in hull designs and for various components used in the manufacture of ships, boats, naval vessels, yachts, pontoons and ferries.

Aluminium is much lighter than steel whilst still delivering excellent strength resilience; aluminium is corrosion resistant and can provide significant advantages in marine applications.

With businesses under growing pressure to map their paths to decarbonisation, reducing emissions from marine vessels has gained significant importance.

Aluminium has a significant role to play in reducing emissions associated with marine vessels and is regularly considered as a solution to deliver improved lightweighting.

Australian shipbuilder Austal published results from an analysis of two equivalent 56m patrol vessel designs in steel and aluminium, considering the difference in annual operating fuel costs. Results showed that the aluminium hull offered significantly better fuel economy, with savings of 21%, or around 150,000 litres of fuel per year, which equates to a reduction in fuel consumption and the emission intensity of the vessel.

In addition to the lightweight and high strength of aluminium, the key reason why its use has become so widespread in the marine sector is its excellent corrosion resistance properties.

LocAl lower-carbon aluminium can further reduce the emission intensity of marine vessels by providing manufacturers with an option to choose a primary aluminium material with up to significantly less embodied carbon than the global average.

LocAl Green and LocAl Super Green lower-carbon aluminium offers Australian manufacturers of ships, boats, naval vessels, yachts, pontoons, and ferries access to a cleaner, greener aluminium option for their projects.

Choosing lower carbon aluminium options makes sense for Australian marine vessel manufacturers committed to delivering more sustainable outcomes for their clients.

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    Three reasons why you should consider LocAl for your marine projects:

    Consumers, investors, and other stakeholders care about Carbon.

    77% of consumers are more willing to spend with a company that has a corporate social responsibility pledge. The decision to use lower carbon aluminium represents a commitment to lowering the carbon emissions associated with your products which will be respected by business and end-user consumers

    LocAl is extruded locally and supplied through local supply chain.

    LocAl Green and Super Green products are extruded in Australia by Capral Aluminium, Australia’s largest Aluminium extruder. Capral has a proven track record in supporting the marine sector by developing custom-designed extrusions and providing access to a wide range of standard profiles. A local supplier delivers supply chain assurance and ensures a qualified local team will manage your requirements.

    It's the right thing to do.

    The current trajectory of global warming is above two degrees by 2050. If this continues, the outcome will be large-scale human migration, increased spread of infectious diseases, critical water shortages and colossal biodiversity loss. The time for businesses to take action in responsible procurement to mitigate their environmental impact is now.

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